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Identity Theft Resolution Center »

The threat of financial damages caused by identity theft is real.
Get the facts to protect yourself.

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Although we provide you with multiple layers of protection, it's valuable to educate yourself on what identity theft is and how thieves use your personal information to commit fraud. Learn what you can do to protect your identity in addition to enrolling in ProtectMyID.com. As always, our Customer Care representatives are available to answer any questions or discuss any of our product benefits by calling 1-866-960-6943.
Read more about our $1 Million Product Guarantee.

How to protect yourself.
First, having a trusted, comprehensive identity protection product is the most important thing you should do. Second, take advantage of all the features and benefits of the product. Third, implement these helpful tips below to give you an even greater edge to protect yourself against identity thieves.
  • Be very cautious about providing your Social Security number unless necessary by law, such as for employment, tax forms or bank records. Many forms may ask for your Social Security number even though it's not required.
  • Don't have your Driver's License number printed on your checks.
  • Do not carry your Social Security card (or your children's) in your wallet.
  • Do not make your PIN or password obvious or easy to guess and never carry them in your wallet.
  • Choose online or "paperless" statements from your financial institutions. Fewer documents sent in the mail with your personal information mean fewer opportunities for thieves to steal them.
  • Shred all sensitive information before throwing in the trash. This includes bank statements, credit card receipts, phone and utility bills and pre-approved credit card offers.